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Product Photography

Lead Times:

We aim to complete client projects as soon as possible,  but this is dependent on the amount of projects we are currently undertaking,  how many items you have and the complexity of them.  Please specify if you have a deadline and please always give at least a couple of weeks notice so we can easily fit you into our busy schedule.  This way we can make sure we can complete your images in time and to the quality we pride ourselves on.


When the images are completed,  an Invoice will be sent via email. Payment is required in full within 7 days from receipt.

Payment is accepted through Paypal, BACS or Cheque.  All payment details you will find at the bottom of the Invoice.


All shipments from Fotonic are insured ( where appropriate ) and made through the Royal Mail Postal Service.

We charge at cost for all return shipping.

To date we have shot over 100,000 images of jewellery items from - fashion,  handmade,  silver,  beaded,  gold,  platinum and diamonds.  We also photograph Fashion Accessories and Products including - boxes,  handbags,  shoes,  keyrings,  electronics,  plus many more.  We have worked for clients from multi-million pound organistations to eBay sellers.

So what do we offer?

Our Services are very simple.   You send your items or bring them personally ( via appointment).  The photographs are taken and the images are then edited to make your Jewellery stand out from the competition.  Shadowing,  reflections and changing of background colour can be done at no extra cost.  All this from £10 per item!

Our  catalogue photography service provides clean, clear images of your products in a format that will allow you to publish on websites,  printed catalogues and magazines.  Each image is typically available in sizes up to approximately A4 at full magazine qualitybut can be used for larger prints depending on your requirements.

Once we have completed the photography and/or enhancements for your product imagery, you will want to easily accessthe final images.

1.)  Download - The easiest way to retrieve your completed images is to receive an email with a link, where you can upload your images at the click of a button.  Free Service

2.) CD-ROM/DVD-ROM - We will send you a copy of all the images on either a CD or DVD disk.  £5.00 per CD/DISK

Formats - include JPEG, PSD and TIFF.  Resolutions can be from 72DPI for Web use to 300DPI for PrintPlease note: extremely high DPIs may result in some quality loss if the image is enlarged.